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Compact chuck to suit automotive varibore collets. Standard bolt cap, 36-66mm

Standard bolt cap. Suits Varibore and spring collets 42mm – 60m capacity

Quick change cap, with safety lock. Suits varibore & spring collets 42–60mm...

Larger quick change chucks. Suits varibore / spring collets 60-80mm

DHP Pull Back and DHF Fixed Length collet chucks. Compatible with 52mm & 65mm...

New QC Clamping head chuck. 5C and 16C pullback. Max capacity 65mm

Varibore – automotive style Spring – standard use
5C & 16C - pull...

Reduction sleeves and caps. Adaptors, connectors and ejectors. Bar seals.

Manufacturers of a wide range of Collet Chucks including Standard Cap, Quick Change, Pull Back and all the Relevant Collets and Accessories

At Kitagawa Europe we take seriously our responsibility to provide our customers with appropriate holding devices to complement our NC Rotary Tables.

Collet Chucks are of course an integral part of the machining process when looking to produce the highest quality components, delivering numerous benefits:

  • Quick chucking for fast turn around
  • Self centring
  • High clamping force
  • Precise centring reducing runoff

We realise that the demands of each application can vary widely and offer a range of Collet Chucks to meet our customers’ requirements; whether they are looking for a time efficient Quick Change Collet Chuck or the supreme accuracy and compact design offered by a Pull Back Collet Chuck.

When it comes to machining performance the Collet itself is just as important as the Collet Chuck. Fortunately at Kitagawa we have all the angles covered with an extensive range of Collets, available in every connection type:

  • Varibore Collets (D-671, D-850, D-673, D-120, D-677, D-285, D-175, D-660)
  • Spring Collets (D171E, D-286, D173E, D-853, D185E, D193E)
  • Pull Back Collets (5C, 16C)
  • DC Collets (DC-52, DC-65, DC-42)

In order to keep your operation running at optimum levels, we also provide an excellent selection of accessories, from Grease Guns to Collet Changing Devices.