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3” to 16” scroll chucks. Monoblock or two piece jaws. Steel or Cast Iron

7” and 9” models. Grips irregular pieces.
Steel body.

7” and 9” models. Grips irregular pieces.
Steel body

Gripping range: 1.5–25.4 mm Max gripping force: 600 kN Steel body

4” to 28” diameter. Independent movement. Reversible hard jaws

Hard Reversible Jaws.
Soft Jaws

High Quality Manual Gripping Solutions From Classic 3 Jaw Scroll Chucks To 4 Jaw Independent Chucks

When it comes to gripping components, 3 Jaw Chucks tend to be the most popular thanks to their versatility. The Kitagawa 3 Jaw Chuck series offers the perfect option for every requirement, from large through hole diameter for large workpieces, to steel body construction for increased rigidity.

Of course, 3 Jaw Chucks are not suited for every application and some situations may require a more specialised approach. We provide an extensive range of manual scroll chucks to suit your needs, whether it is 2 Jaw Scroll Chucks for gripping irregularly shaped components such as pipe joints and valves, or the huge clamping force delivered by 6 Jaw Chucks.

When working on stock that is not perfectly concentric, our 4 Jaw Independent Chucks provide the ability to adjust gripping accordingly and ensure precision and conformity throughout.

To accompany our manual chucks we offer an array of Soft Jaws, Hard Jaws and T-Nuts to complete your manual chuck needs.

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